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By Tamar Homecare | October 17, 2022 | Home Care Resources

Who could benefit from respite care?

Regardless of how much love you feel for a family member, caring for someone else is a demanding job that requires no shortage of patience and energy. It’s no wonder that there may be times when you feel frustrated, exhausted and perhaps even resentful. Yet, sadly, so many family caregivers feel selfish or guilty for daring to take much-needed time off. Not taking time off can lead to burnout and ultimately, you being less able to offer quality care.

Fortunately, our respite care in Plymouth services are here to offer support to you as a carer so that you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Read on to learn more about the benefits of respite care.

The importance of self care

Very often, family caregivers get so focused on looking after their family member that they forget to look after themselves. This can lead to carer burnout which can jeopardise the quality of care provided. It’s important to remember that you’re human and your wellbeing matters too. In addition to caring for your loved one, you also have your own life, responsibilities, and commitments to attend to. That’s why it’s completely understandable that you may be feeling exhausted. There is no shame in admitting you need a break! If you find yourself feeling increasingly irritable, unable to sleep properly or easily triggered by minor inconveniences, it may be time to take a breather. 

What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary care provided to relieve a family caregiver of their duties so that they can enjoy some much-needed time off. Our respite care services are flexible. Whether you need us for a few hours, days or weeks, our friendly carers are here to share the responsibility of care and ensure your loved one is well looked after during your absence. We’ll take over all the caregiving duties while you’re away to ensure continuity of care and that all your loved one’s needs are met. Some of the duties we can provide include domestic assistance such as cleaning, ironing and preparing meals, help with personal care like washing and dressing and providing companionship so that your loved one doesn’t feel alone. 

How can respite care help?

The purpose of respite care is to give you the opportunity to rest while enjoying peace of mind that your family member is in good hands, even when you can’t be there. When you return to your caregiving duties, you’re sure to feel refreshed, re-energised and rejuvenated. Ultimately, you’ll feel ready to once more provide your loved one with the standard of care they deserve. 

While a break is undoubtedly important for you, your loved one benefits too. The change in routine may be a refreshing change. When you come back together, just think of all the stories you’ll have to swap! 

Get in touch 

If you are a family caregiver in need of a break, our respite care services are here for you. Please feel free to get in touch or contact us on 01752 657 560 to speak to one of our professional team members. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or provide more information on how our respite care services can benefit your family.

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