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By Tamar Homecare | November 7, 2022 | Home Care Resources

Living independently at home

There’s no place like home. A place of comfort and familiarity, home is where you should feel safe, happy and at ease. It’s a place where cherished memories exist and where you can live as you wish. However, as we grow older, our needs may change. These changes can compromise our ability to continue living safely at home. 

We provide home care in Plymouth to enable you to continue living independently at home for as long as possible, no matter your care needs. Read on to learn more about home care and how it can benefit you. 

What is home care?

Home care is practical assistance and comprehensive care provided to help people live rich and filling lives at home. The care we provide is completely personalised to your unique needs and requirements so that we best support your lifestyle. Our team of competent and capable carers can assist with a variety of tasks including helping with household chores like cooking nutritious meals, ironing and keeping the house tidy, providing personal care like washing, dressing and toileting, and encouraging social interaction through consistent companionship.  

When is homecare needed?

As we grow older, our needs and abilities naturally change. Things that we were once able to do quickly and without much effort, may now take longer. Our memory may not be what it used to be or perhaps we may struggle with mobility issues. All of the changes can have an effect on daily life at home. For some, this can prompt the need to move into residential care in order to receive the support required to live well. 

We know your home life is important to you and, if given the choice, most people would prefer to remain in the comfort of home. By providing support that’s tailored to your needs, home care makes this possible. While it’s understandable that you probably aren’t looking forward to the day where extra support is required, our home care services enable you to continue living life just as you did before, even if day-to-day tasks have become difficult. 

Supporting your independence

We’re committed to providing the highest quality of care to empower you, and enhance and enrich your life. That’s why the care we provide is focused on enablement. By creating an environment that nurtures and encourages, we’ll help you reach your goals, as well as your full potential.  You can rest assured that our care is never patronising. After all, our aim is to help support your independence, not take it away. 

Your care, your choice

We want you to know that through the whole process, you stay in control. The care we provide evolves around your needs and preferences. If your needs and preferences change, so will our care. Your independence is important to you and we welcome you to take as active a role in your care as you wish.

Get in touch 

If you could use an extra hand to help you feel safer and happier at home, we would be happy to chat. Please do not hesitate to get in touch or call us on 01752 657 560. One of our friendly staff would be pleased to provide more information on how we can help or answer any of your questions.

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